Oversea Internship ( 28/01/2020)

OPPORTUNITY FOR COMPANIES IN MYANMAR to have Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) undergraduate students as interns, May-August 2020 (10-12 weeks)

The opportunity is known as “ASEAN- INDIA Summer Internship” Programme; for more info please find here shorturl.at/jQ068

To grab the opportunities, companies in Myanmar are to fill in this form shorturl.at/flpT1 by 14th Feb, 2020, and share the completed form with Mr. Desmond Woo, Senior Assistant Director of Overseas Internship at NTU email: desmondwoo@ntu.edu.sg .

Info of frequently asked questions about the opportunity is as below. If you have any specific question, please approach Mr. Woo.

1. Must the interns hosting companies be owned or affiliated with NTU or NTU alumni?
All companies based in Myanmar are welcome to apply for the opportunity.

2. What is the typical profile of interns?
Interns should have completed at least one year of studies in NTU. Most of them should be in pen ultimate year of studies ( ie a year before graduation). More applications are expected from Business and Humanities as the period coincides with their mandatory internship period. They will be looking general for business related scope, such as HR, Finance, Marketing, BD, Data Analytics, Business Research, etc. For Engineering and Science students, they can apply for this internship summer on an optional basis, hence non credit bearing. Thus they are basically free to embark on any roles of their interests.

3. Is my company sure to get an intern upon submitting the form? What is the subsequent process?
There is no guarantee that there will be an intern because of submitting the form. Career Affairs Office (CAO) would share the info about internship opportunities at your company. To have more applications, you may want to write work/ project scope clearly. Also, it is helpful if your company can provide allowance and logistical (accommodation / on-ground transport) support to the interns. NTU together with Singapore government agencies are able to provide subsidy to assist interns to take up overseas internship opportunities. However, this subsidy is only applicable to Singaporeans and permanent residents. In summary, CAO will liaise with you for further steps upon receipt of the completed form.

Thank you,
Jessica Aung,
Project Lead of #NTUforMM initiated by NTU Alumni Association Myanmar
Email: jessica.mathiriaung@gmail.com