NTUAA Bowling Event

Dear Alumni,

Our first bowling event will take place on 17 November 2019 at Royal Sportainment Complex starting from 3:00 pm and followed by dinner afterward.
The bowling event is MMK 25,000 and family members and plus ones are welcome to join . Kindly bring along socks; bowling shoes will be provided.

Register below to join the fun.

Payment for the event can be made via bank transfer through following  bank details.
To transfer, AYA: 0108201010037954 (Swe Yi Win)
KBZ: 09430109401135501 (Swe Yi Win)
CB: 0183600500014068 (Zun Pwint Aung)
Please send a screenshot of your transfer to our mobiles.

We are seeking sponsors for this event. Please contact us if you wish to make any contribution or inquiry regarding event .
Feel free to contact us:
Swe Yi Win: +95 9 9542 55995
Zun Pwint Aung @April: +95 9 7798 27430

Dinner will be at Shwe Pin Lel Restaurant on Kyaik Waing Pagoda Road (Near Palm Court Villa)
We will share the dinner cost among ourselves

Hoping to see you all soon.

Best regards,
NTUAA Myanmar Ex-Co


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