Let’s contribute our first charity project.

Project Kyan-Mar-Yay


Donation Target 100 Lakh

NTUAA MM Donation Collection

Dear friends and fellow alumni,

Our first charity event is planned on 15 Dec 2019 (Sunday). For this event, we have selected the orphanage school near Shwe Pyi Thar - Yangon. Our charity committee head - Ko Kaung Myat has surveyed the school and he found out that there is an urgent need for toilets. So, we would like to call a meeting on this Sunday 8 Dec 2019 to discuss how we would like to donate.


Meeting Agenda -


  1. Building the toilets - As NTU alumni, we do not want to donate just normal toilets. We would like to discuss some creative and innovative ways to build a toilet. For example, Green Toilet with solar powered lights or Water efficient toilet bowls..etc. I am sure that we are from different disciples and now in different industry, when we brainstorm, there will be a lot of interesting ideas.
  2. Collecting the donation money - how we will collect the money
  3. 15 Dec 2019 visit - The logistic and activity plan. How we will go there. Should we organize some activity for the kids? Should we donate a meal for the kids?
  4. Year End Thanks Giving lunch or dinner - After the visit, we can have year end lunch or dinner together. Place and time to be discussed.


So, please come and join us for brainstorming meeting on

Date: 8 December 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 3pm to 5pm

Place: Goethe Cafe  (https://goo.gl/maps/xf4LdTjATfpGLMMm8 )


**If you can come for this meeting, please write your name and your phone in comment box. Thanks.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the following persons.

Mike Than Tun Win (President) - 09 795 666668

Kaung Set Zaw (Secretary General) - 09 2042007

Kaung Myat Win (Charity committee Head) - 09 25885 0098


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