NTUAA Executive committee meeting 2019-2021

NTUAA Executive committee meeting 2019-2021

Date      :             6 Oct 2019

Time      :             2pm to 4pm

Place      :             Flymya office



1.    Mike Than Tun Win        -             President

2.    Maung Maung Myint      -             Vice-President (EEE)

3.    Shwe Ni                             -             Vice-President (NBS)

4.    Kaung Set Zaw                 -             Secretary General

5.    Jessica Thiri Aung            -             Treasurer

6.    Dr Naing Naing Aung      -             Committee Member

7.    Nwe Ni Oo                        -             Committee Member

8.    Ei Ei Ko                              -             Committee Member

9.    Kaung Myat Win              -             Committee Member

10.  Swe Yi Win                        -             Committee Member

11.  Aung Myo Lwin                -             Committee Member

12.  Hnin Nu Aye                     -             Committee Member

13.  Ted Patrick                       -             Committee Member


Main Decisions Made

1.    We will use Viber main communication for excom. Please let Kaung Set (092042007) know if you are not in the group yet.

2.    For events announcement, we will use email and facebook group (https://web.facebook.com/groups/1373747105975731)

3.    Main objective for first year – to engage fellow Alumni more.

4.    We will have 5 main pillars of activitiy

i.        Learning (educational talk for alumni  and for public) – Ted

a)      Engage current AA members for 1st  event

b)      Invite within NTUAA members who are very good public speakers and industry experts

ii.       Fun (sports/trips) – Swe Yi Win

a)    Ice breaking activities to know each other

b)    KTV/coffee session

c)    Bowling event

d)    Short road trip combined with charity

e)    NTUAA alumni T shirt (post invite for design)

iii.         Charity (social impact/donation events) – Kaung Myat Win

a)      Collaboration with lesswalk.org

b)     School related charity events and activities

iv.       Business Networking – Aung Myo Lwin

a)    Business matching within NTUAA

b)    Business matching with SMU, NUS, SAM

c)    Oversea business excursion trips

v.         NTU and Myanmar Connection – Jessica Thiri Aung

a)    how to apply to study in NTU

b)    Internship

c)    exchange programs,

d)    joint research

e)    NTUitive


5.    We will have in charge for each pillars and the term will be 1 year.

6.    Pillar heads can organize the financial and logistic, supported by NTUAA excom or anyone from NTUAA.

7.    We will convert the fund left from last term which is in USD to MMK.

8.    President and Treasurer will open joint bank account at KBZ and the account will be used to save the last term fund and future funds.

9.    We will ask NTUAA for branding guideline (for facebook posts, public announcements, invitations..etc)


Tentative Event Calendar


Nov 2019                          - 17 Nov 2019    (bowling mini competition)

Dec 2019                           - 13 Dec 2019 (Charity)

Jan 2020                            - break


Feb 2020                           - 8 Feb 2020 (Business Networking)

Mar 2020                          - 8 Mar 2020 (2nd  Excom meeting)

April 2020                         - break

May 2020                          - 10 May 2020 (Learning + NTU Myanmar connection)

June 2020                         - break

July 2020                           - break

August 2020                     - break

September 2020              - One Grand Event



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